New York City party to benefit GCAPP

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, 8:00 – 11:00 p.m.

40th Anniversary
Host Committee

Jonathan Adler
Mickey Boardman
Ginny Brewer
Jimmy Buffett
Carolyn Carr
Rosario Dawson
Simon Doonan
Ariel Foxman
Troy Garity
Marjorie Gubelmann
Carla Gugino
Lady Bunny
Samantha Mathis
Sharon Maxwell-Ferguson
Chris Noth
Larry Poston
Ann Roth
Andrew Saffir
Jennifer Sample
Colin Savage
Jake Shears
Michael Stipe
Samantha Walsh
Kerry Washington
NEW YORKERS from the arts, hospitality and fashion communities are planning an event featuring Jane Fonda, as a benefit for G-CAPP on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the critically acclaimed film Klute. Fonda received the Oscar for her performance. 
A highlight of the evening will be a conversation on stage between Jane Fonda and CNN’s Anderson Cooper, which will address both her film career and her Oscar winning performance in Klute, and her long-time social activism on behalf of women and girls, which led her to found G-CAPP in 1995. This event in downtown Manhattanwill draw approximately 200 people for the conversation between Fonda and Cooper, a cocktail reception, auction and entertainment. Sponsors will be honored at a private VIP party preceding the event.

Questions?  Please contact Laine Peeler at

"Charity implies safety nets and band aids. I prefer empowering, creating trampolines and ladders, rather than nets."   --- Jane Fonda, G-CAPP Founder

About G-CAPP

The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (G-CAPP) was founded by Jane Fonda in 1995 when Georgia had the highest teen birth rate in the nation. Today it has improved to 13th.  Since its founding, Georgia has seen a 32% decrease in teen births.  G-CAPP is the only organization in the state solely dedicated to ending teen pregnancy.  Teen pregnancy in Georgia, and across the nation, is a complicated issue due to the challenges of sexual/health illiteracy, lack of school engagement, poverty, and difficult home environments, etc. –all closely linked to the high rate of adolescent pregnancy.  

On a statewide level, we educate, advocate and replicate. We educate teens, adults, and youth serving organizations by providing customized prevention trainings and strategies; we advocate for policies and programs that support our most vulnerable teens and fragile families – those who are more apt to experience teenage pregnancy; and we coordinate with organizations to put in place proven programs that work.  At the heart of G-CAPP’s work is providing teens with the knowledge, skills and motivation they need to make good, healthy choices—choices that include encouraging teens to delay sex and ways to protect themselves for those teens who don’t.