When Kids Eat Better, They Do Better




Breakfast is our most important meal of the day…even more so for growing kids!  Breakfast is the fuel that gets the body (and mind) going.   Dozens of studies have consistently shown that children who eat breakfast perform better academically than those who don't.  


And the kind of breakfast your child eats, is just as important as breakfast itself. High fat, high sugar donuts, pastries, sugary cereals and the like should be avoided most times. They lack nutrients and will only add to weight gain and health concerns. To keep your child’s brain powered up, sustain their energy, and satisfy their, the first meal of the day should be rich in good carbs (whole grains); protein and good fats, and fiber.  

 Making Breakfast Easy: 

  • Breakfast Milkshake/Smoothie
  • Hot Cereal (Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat) with fruit and nuts
  • Eggs and whole grain toast and a serving of fruit
  • Cold cereal and milk (whole grain cereal, avoid high sugar cereals)
  • Breakfast sausage and a bowl of fruit
  • Whole grain toast, bagel, with lowfat cheese
  • PB&J pancakes (made of whole grain)
  • Yogurt with Fruit & Nuts
  • Click here for good sources of protein, good cards and good fats