When Kids Eat Better, They Do Better


Lunch should be filled with all the food groups but protein and complex carbs (good carbs) are important for your child to get through the day.  

Eating a healthy lunch with lean protein  and complex carbs will:


  • Help them avoid an afternoon slump
  • Focus better on Homework
  • Feel more energized
  • Feel more satisfied


 You have very little control over what your child eats at the school cafeteria, so the best idea is to pack them a nutritious lunch every day.  But short of that, here are some tips to share with them:


  • Choose whole wheat bread over white bread
  • Always choose grilled instead of fried
  • Choose chicken, turkey or ham over bologna, salami or other deli meats very high in sodium
  • Choose mustard or ketchup over mayo
  • Add tomatoes and lettuce to sandwhiches
  • Always eat a piece of fruit and vegetables with lunch
  • Choose lowfat milk or low calories beverage over sugary sodas
  • Choose chips and fries no more than once a week